Middle Eastern Recipes

Explore traditional Middle Eastern recipes for hummus, baklava, falafel, couscous, and tabbouleh.

Editors' Picks

Morning Buns with a Middle Eastern Touch
This recipe may seem a little time-consuming, and that's because it is. But trust that it's 110 percent worth your time and effort.
Rose Pistachio Doughnuts Are Steeped in Middle Eastern Tradition
Rose and pistachio are an underrated power couple (at least in American cooking) that might possibly be better than the classic peanut butter-and-jelly combo.
Our Best Falafel Recipes
You've likely enjoyed falafel from a street vendor or favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, but did you know you can make these delicious chickpea fritters at home?
New Twists on Hummus
While most classic recipes call for a chickpea base, we’re serving up flavors ranging from black-eyed peas to boiled peanuts.

Inspiration and Ideas

What to Eat With Hummus: 15 Delicious Ideas
How many different foods can you even eat hummus? Well, at least 15.
Spicy Tuna Dolmas with Citrus-Yogurt Sauce
Our variation on dolmas (think Mediterranean spring rolls) bundles fresh tuna, crunchy peppers, and tender couscous stuffed into tangy grape leaves.