7 Ways With...

Explore the versatility of on-hand ingredients, pantry staples, and fresh produce by using them in seven unique and delicious ways.

Editors' Picks

7 Ways with Papaya
This tropical fruit deserves the spotlight this season.
7 Ways with Honey
It’s nature’s greatest sweet nectar.
7 Ways With Sugar
Use ordinary sugar to create decadent cookies, pies, and even decorative spirals. Grab a bag and get started.
7 Ways With French Bread
Use this versatile bread for way more than dipping and appetizers.
7 Ways with Yogurt
If you're only eating yogurt for breakfast, you're not doing it justice.

Inspiration and Ideas

7 Ways with Pecans
Use versatile, heart-healthy pecans for more than just pecan pie.  They can add rich flavor and crunch to a variety of recipes including appetizers, breads, salads, and main dishes. 
7 Ways With Rhubarb
Once known as "the pie plant," rhubarb is certainly delicious cooked into pastries and other desserts, but this curious vegetable can shine in soups, appetizers, chutneys, and more.